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All rights reserved © 2017-2019 by Holly Marie Videography. 

Videography is a great tool to create memories and record those special events in life. It encompasses sound and motion which together can enhance the moment and portray the memory more vividly when looking back on it or sharing it with others. I chose Holly Marie's videography to record the gender reveal of our new child. This video quickly became popular with my family and friends and was watched over and over again. I look forward to sharing it with our new daughter when she is grown.

Steph, Mother of Three

Upstate NY (2017)

Holly put together two videos and took some photos for me.


The first video she did for me was on my daughters baptism . I must of watched it five times the day she gave it to me and cried every time I watched it. The way she captured it is so beautiful!


The second video was in the hospital when I had my son.  She captured my two daughters holding him and what they thought about him.  Such precious moments to cherish forever, just love her artistic view on it. 


The photos she took are baby bump and family photos.  We put all of this on a thumb drive and gave it to my grandmother as a Christmas gift, and she says she watches the videos over and over and cries every time.  She just loves them!

Sandra, Mother of Three

Upstate NY (2017)

A picture can say a thousand words, but a video puts those words into action. 

Every year I write my three children a letter telling them all about the year we have had together.  I want them to remember all of our memories, big events, little moments, ups and downs, accomplishments, and growth as a family.  I write down my thoughts and feelings as a mother.  I hope one day they can look back and read these letters and remember how much their mother loves them. 

This year our good friend Holly took a year of pictures, and made us a video displaying these pictures and included videos of our family’s year together.  I was able to share this video with family and my children in a manner easier and more enjoyable for them to see.  Our moments allowed my two older children to see how they interacted and adored a new baby brother.  My daughter could watch a clip of her running down the same track as her mother did in high school slapping her mommy’s hand at the end of her race.  My son viewed his kindergarten graduation and his first jump with no life jacket into deep water. 

My words and moments were able to be brought to life.

Julie, Mother of Three

Upstate NY (2017)

You know the best thing about your filming is your heart which allows you to feel what your client wants and what you should film. And the added skillful and tasteful touches are a huge plus. I’m really not saying just to be kind but from a business standpoint if people are looking for real, skillful with emotions to their video you ARE IT! Amazing wonderful beautiful skillful HEART FELT. I love it!!! I can’t begin to tell you how talented you are. You have captured the story! You also captured all the decorations and hard work that went into this major production. A GIFT for my children. A gift of love and you captured it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will be a blessing to all the wedding and events you do because you will show the LOVE through your videos that will always help them remember those very special intimate moments!

Paula, Mother of the Groom

Upstate NY (2017)

You did it better than I expected. I love it. I cried a little.

Katherine, Bride

Upstate NY (2017)

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